Professional Development

18-year-old Richard Stacey dreamed of opening his own landscaping business. He applied for our Conservation and Land Management traineeship last year in hope of taking his landscaping skills to the next level.

Richard bonded with his colleagues and trainer, Jason, over the course of the traineeship. He told us that the group was like a “one big family” to him, and the constant support and encouragement he received from everyone at Challenge has made the experience unforgettable. Richard was extremely grateful for the guidance from Jason. He told us that Jason is very attentive and understanding, and knew exactly how to deal with them when they were overloaded with emotions.

Whenever I feel frustrated, he would give me some harder tasks like digging, to use them as an outlet of my anger. He is one of the best trainers I have had, and I can’t thank him enough.

Richard enjoyed the practical work experience from the program. He told us that

Learning how to work with the machines, reading safety manuals and conducting pre-ops assessment at Challenge have definitely helped me stand out in the industry. I have also obtained a white card and first aid certificate from the program, which opens up a lot more doors.

Richard landed a full-time position at Queensland Rollers and Liners, and has since resigned from the program to pursue his dream. Fantastic job Richard, we look forward to watching you on your journey towards your goal!