The Challenge Experience

19-year-old Raymond is a participant in our Transition to Work service. Working closely with his Employment Development Officer, he successfully landed a job three months into the program.

Within three months of looking for a job, Challenge helped me landed a job at Dominos. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good fit (for me) at the start but Haylee came into the picture and helped me to get back on track looking for another job.

Raymond thrived on the loving and accepting culture at Challenge. He told us

I used to be with a lot of other different organizations but with Challenge it’s different. You feel like you’re being heard instead of being told what to do. I think that with Challenge you are respected in a way that they accept all diverse people. Whether you are (a) different race, different ethnicity, different sexuality, you are respected and accepted.

Raymond has taken the opportunity to be part of the warehousing sector with our Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations Work Pathway. Well done Raymond, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for you!