A Second Chance

Codi enrolled in our Engineering Work Pathway last year but resigned halfway through the course. After leaving school, Codi struggled to find direction in life and found himself stuck in a rut for the past five years. With the encouragement and support from family, Codi decided to take on the Engineering Work Pathway again with his dad, Darryl.

Codi was grateful for the opportunity to complete the course with his dad. He told us that

“It has been a great bonding experience to us. My dad has always been best friend, but he became more of a father figure to me after this course. He would pull me up when I slack off and lead me to the right direction. He also pushes me to get out of my comfort zone. We support each other through everything, and we are always there for each other.”

Codi and Darryl enjoyed their time at Challenge being trained by Brad, one of Challenge’s industry professionals. Codi told us that

“Brad has guided me a lot through this past 11 weeks. I have changed a lot as a person. My family has also been telling me that I am changing. I am proud of myself for changing as much as I have because it’s been hard for me to get out of the loop.”

Through their determination and hard work, Codi and Darryl were able to complete Certificate II in Engineering. They will also be doing their 2-week work placement at Samin Engineering, where Codi has described as “the cleanest workshop I’ve come across and a safe environment for me to be in”. Darryl is equally excited, he told us

“I am turning 50 this year but my age doesn’t stop me from learning. I am supporting the family while I do this course. It has been hard, but everyone in my family is supporting me. They can’t believe what I have achieved.”

Congratulations Codi and Darryl, we are so proud of you both!