About Us

Who We Are

At Challenge Employment and Training we have been transforming lives for over 45 years by utilising our skills and resources to assist people to be the best that they can be.

Originally set up as a community group to tackle youth unemployment in the Ipswich area (Young Unemployed People of Ipswich – YUPI), today we are so much more. We are a registered not-for-profit training organisation across the South-East Queensland areas, that is helping disadvantaged people gain employment and training through a variety of pathways.

Although we have widened our target audience from just youth to all disadvantaged cohorts, we still maintain a 76% youth engagement cohort. We mentor each individual in developing essential work and life skills, and provide opportunities to gain valuable experience and to achieve positive long-term outcomes.

Our Services
  • Employment Pathways
  • Vocational Training Assistance
  • Employment Preparation Assistance
  • Social Enterprises
  • Community Services
  • Teach Transferrable Employment Skills

Our Mission

To utilise our skills and resources to assist people to be the best that they can be.

Our Values

Excellence in Performance

Our Inspiration

At Challenge, we embrace the holistic parameters of life experiences, life skills and the well-being of the participant. We see each person as a whole and we are committed to meeting any relevant need they may have along their journey. Working in partnership with participants we assist them to address their issues and barriers to allow a positive approach to learning and employment outcomes. This holistic support puts people in the driver’s seat of their journey to take charge of their lives and allows them to truly transform.

We’ve been at it a long time.

We have been supporting the community for over 45 years; building a legacy.



Lives Impacted This Year


Participants Feel Well Prepared For Work


Years Serving The Community And Jobseekers


  • Inspire participants by taking a holistic approach to their employment journey
  • Give our students opportunities in a competitive job market by gaining Nationally Accredited Training
  • Teach job readiness skills so they can achieve sustainable employment


We achieve this by:

  • Connecting with industry professionals
  • Offering tailored learning support
  • Liaising with community groups
  • Collaborating with language, literacy and numeracy professionals
  • Look at the whole person by developing their skills in looking after their health + well being

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from our past participants

I enjoyed learning about the importance of accuracy and the precision skills that are needed in the industry. I really enjoy welding and using the lathe machine.
Michael Spelleken Engineering Work Pathway