Invision Festival: Celebrating Youth Diversity

On the 12th of November, we hosted our end-of-year youth event Invision Festival to celebrate youth diversity. Our Business Administration Trainees have been working tirelessly in preparation for the festival and what a celebration it was!

Despite the pouring rain, over 50 of our TtW participants attended the event with their family and friends as well as local community groups including Tribe Social Belonging, Employmeet, ALARA, and Souths Logan Magpies. We had the music pumping, rainbow bunting hanging across the ceiling, and colourful leis around our neck on the day as we enjoyed a diverse range of activities including indigenous performance, drag show, and ball passing competition with ALARA Jets Touch.



Indigenous performance by our local Yulu Burri Ba Dance Troup

Drag performance (our participants and the ALARA Jets Football Team also joined in on the dance floor!)

REKON YOUTH DJíng, customise T-shirts and podcasting

Ball passing competition with ALARA Jets Touch Football Team (Congratulations to ALARA Jets for winning the Challenge Cup!)

Work of local Henna Artist

Street art competition

True Aussie BBQ lunch prepared by our business trainees

Check out our  Facebook page for the full Invision Festival photo album!