Students Save A Life – One Day After Doing First Aid!

Local Construction Trainee’s Daryl, 32 and Corey, 21 saved a life, just one day after finishing their First Aid Certificate with Challenge Employment and Training. 

Challenge Employment and Training currently have a crew of 15 Construction Trainee’s working together to renovate and up-cycle buildings at the Laidley Showgrounds. 

A benefit from completing their Certificate I in Construction with Challenge Employment and Training is the additional White Card and First Aid Certificate to ensure that Trainees are ready to take on the construction industry. 

What Daryl and Corey didn’t realise was that this additional benefit would help them save a local man’s life, just one day after completing their First Aid Certificate. 

When speaking to Daryl and Corey about their heroic actions, they explained that a few members of the crew went out to have an ‘end of week wind down’ and have a couple of drinks. 

Designated driver Corey, had just dropped another trainee home safe after the night was wrapping up, however on the way to Daryl’s house the pair saw something on the road that caught their attention. A simple hat, but as they drove down the road they caught a glimpse of some hi-vis and decided to turn around and go see what happened. 

They saw a man lying beside the road, his head very close to the edge and looking in danger. 

“I yelled out to see if he was okay,  you know, it was 1am and he could have just been drunk and passed out.”

Realising the man was injured, with a slash from his eyebrow to the back of his head, Corey and Daryl assisted in moving him off the road to safety, ensuring no further harm would be done to both the injured party and themselves. The man had been on a motorised bike and lost control into a pole on a blind corner.

They both remained calm, called 000 and assisted in keeping him as comfortable as possible, and most importantly – awake. 

“We helped him until the ambulance arrived, and they said we did a perfect job!” 

“One of the other Trainee’s is friends with this man, he ended up getting 20 stitches, had a shattered hand and 3 broken ribs.”

Supervisor of the Laidley Construction Crew, Ray, has expressed how proud he is of his crew members and stated how important he believes the first aid component is in our program. 

“The boys did amazing! I’m so proud of them, and I know they’re proud of themselves too.”

“First aid is such an important thing in life, not just in the workplace, the first thing I did when I heard out was to call our First aid trainer to congratulate her on her amazing work and to show what she does, resulted in saving a life.”

This was an amazing effort by both Daryl and Corey and as an organisation, we are proud of how they handled this situation – resulting in saving a life. Well done guys!