Career Change



When Covid first hit in 2020, Angel McIntosh seized the opportunity for a career change. Having worked numerous years in the hospitality industry, she took the Covid induced shut downs as a sign to dive into an industry that made a difference in the lives of others. Due to the Fully Funded aspect of Challenges Work Pathways, Angel was able to work towards a Certificate III in Individual Support with no additional financial burden which assisted greatly in the transition.

Angel felt respected and motivated to reach her full potential and get a kick start in her career within the healthcare and disability sector. ‘My proudest moments during the course were being able to do the placement hours, it felt good being trusted. It was a really nice feeling going to work for a company that wanted you and thought of your differences as assets’.

Through her own drive and passion, Angel developed a practical understanding of the industry and enjoyed her time being trained by one of Challenges Industry professionals, Gay, who Angel said ‘completely changed my life as she (Gay) was a great role model and if you were having a bad day she could help completely turn it around’

Angel enhanced her empathy, understanding and compassion since undertaking the training and prides herself in her ability to engage with young clients, particularly from the disability sector. Moving forward, Angel is excited to continue working within the disability sector at Alara who cannot praise Angel’s efforts enough as they are astounded by her  ‘artistic skills, genuine caring attitude and honesty’. So much so that Angel is ‘Considered by Alara as one of their most valued employees’ with ‘department leaders fighting for her to be part of their team’.

Moving forward, Angel is excited by the foot-in-the-door she gained within the industry and looks forward to continuing her studies and reaching her dream job of working as a Palliative Care Nurse for youth.

Fantastic job Angel, we look forward to watching you on your journey towards our dream career!