Conservation and Ecosystem Management

Upcoming Traineeships

  • Woodford

    March 2024

  • Duration

    20 week contract

  • Remuneration

    Paid Under the National Training Award

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What is the Conservation and Ecosystem Management traineeship?

This is a unique traineeship undertaking a project-based work placement on a Queensland Government funded training program. It is focused on developing vocational and employability skills for long-term unemployed and disadvantaged job seekers and providing them with more pathways into employment and vocational qualifications. Skills and confidence will be developed on the job in the context of a community-based project located at the 500 acres of lush greenery at Woodfordia parklands.

Trainees will obtain an introduction to the conservation and ecosystem management industry, its culture, occupations, job roles and workplace expectations. The units of competency trained within the traineeship cover essential work health and safety requirements, the industrial and work organisation structure, communication skills, supporting natural area conservation and seed collect, plant identification as well as routine maintenance of tools and equipment. The training is built around a basic conservation and land management project unit that integrates the skills and embeds the facets of employability skills in context.

This traineeship is a full-time job, in a real work environment. Our role is to prepare you for the workforce, so there will be high expectations in place regarding your attendance, participation, and professionalism.


  • AHC10120 Certificate I in Conservation and Ecosystem Management

Period of Traineeship:

20 weeks, 38 hours a week

Other benefits include:

  • PPE Supplied
  • Gain experience and practical training on a genuine CAEM project
  • Learn more of what the CAEM industry expects of its employees
  • Develop strong work habits the CAEM industry employers are looking for
  • Receive coaching on how to improve your appeal to employers looking to hire
  • Develop your ability to demonstrate that you can work in a team environment
  • Receive guidance and support in developing life skills tailored to your specific needs 
  • Receive ongoing support to get a real job in the CAEM industry

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