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Beauty and jobs bonus from council project

THE BEAUTIFUL Ipswich initiative of Ipswich City Council is set to provide a double whammy of benefits. The city will look more attractive and long-term unemployed people will acquire employment and a stepping stone to a future career. Yesterday Ipswich Mayor Andrew...

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Harvet Time!

Thanks to our Work for the Dole Nursery team, we have 10 crates of squashes, corns and other veggies donated to the amazing Ipswich Foodbarn, to help those in need of food in the community! Happy...

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Fresh food from YUPI for Ipswich needy

(Photo: Ipswich YUPI worker John O’Dempsey hands over the harvest to Ipswich Foodbarn Managing Director Kerrod McQuaker.) Local community organisation Ipswich YUPI donated its first batch of fresh vegetables and herbs to Ipswich Foodbarn today. This signalled a major...

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Giving with Love Group

We are a group of older women who come together in a friendly relaxed atmosphere to share our skills to help those who are in need in our community of Ipswich. Our main aim is to make life a little better for the little ones in our community who, through no fault of...

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Grumpy Grandpa’s

Grumpy Grandpa’ We are a group of retired pensioners, giving back to the community. Grumpy Grandpa’s Workshop started in 2008 at the rear of the Goodna Neighbourhood House in a small double garage. We soon gained a good...

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