Single Mother, Domestic Violence Survivor, Inspiration – these are all words that can be used to describe Julia. 

Julia completed Challenge Employment and Training’s Government Funded* Warehousing & Logistics Program through earlier this year to work towards a common goal most parents have – to have a “decent job for her daughter.”

The Warehousing and Logistics program is a 6 week, full-time commitment, but the benefits students retain from the program are well worth it. 

When we asked Julia why she came to challenge, she explained that she hadn’t worked for roughly six years and wanted to gain a qualification so she could re-enter the work-force with some ease. 

Julia has had a few career pathways over the years including being a Retail Assistant, Admin and a Cashier, but it was time to settle into one that she truly loved and had fun with. 

“I haven’t worked in roughly 6 years, I came to Challenge to gain a qualification so I could enter the workforce.”

Warehousing and Logistics is commonly seen as a male dominant industry, but Julia didn’t back down from a challenge.  

“It wasn’t hard to be a woman in a ‘mans industry’ because I was really interested in it, which made it easier to deal with.”

“The best thing about Challenge would be that everyone is so welcoming and helpful”

“It’s a great learning facility, especially when you are brand new and are a little bit lost. The trainers are all so patient and understanding.”

We asked Julia what her hardest challenge was while doing the program, she explained that before she started she had lost faith in herself and her abilities. Julia went on to explain that now she’s been able to complete the program, land a job and defy odds, she’s not only gained the work skills needed but life skills where she “wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

“I am a survivor, I am now empowered that you can do anything, and if you find yourself in a bad situation there are options available to help you.” 

“My confidence has grown, I now have so many tools to use not only in the workplace but in life.”

“I’m very proud of myself, and I think my daughter would be too.”

Julia has secured a full-time position as a Warehousing Store Person at  MacLean Electrical (Australia) Pty Ltd.  

As an organisation, we are extremely proud of how fair Julia has come since her early days at Challenge Employment and Training.  Her confidence has grown immensely, her skills are impressive and we can’t wait to watch her continue her journey. Congratulations Again Julia!

Impressed? We know we are!

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Construction Certificate III in Logistics has been made possible through the generous support of the Queensland State Government under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work Program.