Mature Aged Student

Mature aged trainee, Sharyn Veivers secured her dream job following her completion of Challenge Employment and Training’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work Conservation and Land Management (CALM) program.

It goes without saying that gaining employment with any council is not an easy task. However, Sharyn recently gained employment at the Orange Council in New South Wales as the Horticulture Apprentice through her perseverance and passion shining through in her application.

What makes Sharyn different is that she had the courage to take a risk that not every mature aged person does. Sharyn had previously been working in the Warehouse and Distribution industry for over 10 years before she decided to change her career path. Sharyn explained to us that when you wake up in the morning and say to yourself – “it’s time to start getting out of bed for something I am passionate about – you know you’re making the right decision.”

The CALM program trainer, Neville Reis says that the first things that come to mind with Sharyn is that she has an excellent work ethic and made the extra effort to learn more outside of the program.

 “Sharyn’s story has held true to the function of Challenge – helping students with the resources to study and assisting them into gaining employment in their chosen field,” Neville said.

“Sharyn not only followed that path in a textbook way but is exceeding in her chosen career.”

Neville added that Sharyn is a great and eager leader of a team but also knows how to be a great team player.

“Sharyn would always be the first one on her feet after the break to get back into working, she would also share her knowledge and identify a lot of the plants and wildlife for the team whenever she could,” Neville said.

“After seeing these qualities in Sharyn, I promoted her to my 2IC.”

What’s more is that Neville says the job that Sharyn has acquired is a dream job for a lot of the trainees that complete this program.

“Sharyn was always more interested in working in the botanical gardens and the scientific side of the conservation and land management, rather than the job of a ranger who manage large parcels of land,” Neville said.

“She has hit her target really well by landing this apprenticeship with the Orange Council in the Botanical Gardens.”

When Sharyn was asked about the CALM program, she explained that Challenge delivered the course in a way that made it easy to learn the subject matter and she was thankful to have been given the opportunity and resources to get a head start in her dream career.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the hands on approach to learning and that Neville encouraged teamwork and mateship within our diverse group,” Sharyn said.

“I would like to thank Neville for his support and guidance during the course and Challenge for the opportunity to kick start my dream career.”’

Challenge recently nominated Sharyn for the 2018 Queensland Training Awards in the ‘Trainee of the Year’ Category for her inspiring story.

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The Conservation and Land Management project has been made possible through the generous support of the Queensland State Government under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work Program.